Thursday, April 30, 2009

aroma at aruma

I miss my family! This is my first time to be away from home this long and it’s not easy. I feel so incomplete. I feel like I am a cup of coffee with no sugar and cream. My kids, my sugar, sweeten my life everyday, and my husband, my cream, understands my imperfection. Without them by my side, life is tasteless and if ever there is, it is, so bitter. Being away from home gives me the feeling of nostalgia and the indescribable deep solitude. I really need solace! I know what I actually need in times like these.

When I am tired, or stressed out at work, or missing somebody so bad, coffee works best for me. So I thought of hanging out on a place where I could have a good whiff of coffee. Fortunately, our professor in our writing class suggested that we go to a coffee shop for a writing workshop. How I loved the idea! My heart leaped with joy because I have been dreaming of it. My imagination started to play as i was seeing pure dark cup of coffee giving satisfaction to my senses. Hmmm, there's moist chocolate cake, i couldn't say no to! blueberry cheese cake, so tempting and mouth-watering...and boy, the flourless cake, is a perfect ambrosia!Hey, am I smelling the aroma of brewed coffe, Mocca, Cafe Latte, cappuccino and frapuccino? What else will I get to see, smell and taste in that coffee lounge? I couldn’t wait any more...

They call it Aruma. The place is indeed superbly perfect for me and for anyone who is nostalgic. well, my colleague and i describe it as supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! It has a touch of serenity and coolness with its all-white paint. The wall frames are simple and give a youthful glow and spirit. The bulb lights are classy and the room itself has a social touch at the same time, very conducive to clients. The ambiance is perfect for someone like me who is so addicted to coffee and to internet browsing, which is also part of their services. The seats are arranged ideally both for young and old people who have the feel for comfort. The cozy room can accommodate about 30 - 40 people, I think so.

I seated myself along with other 3 colleagues to the farther right side of the coffee shop where I have a good view of the passers by and those who just come inside the shop. I don’t know what’s special about the place, but it is really very comforting. Perhaps, it was the aroma of coffee which is so tempting that makes me really love the place. the place reminds of the first date I had with my husband on our first wedding anniversary at corner cafe, back at Lim Ket Kai Cagayan de Oro. I ordered as usual, our favorite, my husband and mine, brewed coffee and blueberry cheesecake.

I took my first sip of my coffee, with my thoughts wondering back to where my loved ones are. Then I realized how bitter my coffee tastes.. Ah, I was so engrossed with the thoughts of my own home, and the pleasure that Aruma gives me, my home away from home, that I actually forgot to add sugar and cream to my coffee. This has brought me back to reality, coffee without sugar and cream, is really incomplete! Just like me without my family. I miss them so bad. One day more, and I will get to see them again!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Since I am in full blast with my summer masteral classes at MSU - IIT, Iligan City, I will be temporarily away from blogging. i am still adjusting to my schedule as full-time back soon with so many write - ups i wanted to post. i unluckily ran out of time so hopefully i will be able to post them in-between my skeds. whew! this is terrible but i am sure gonna love this summer hot and scorching...can't help but sweat...well gurl here i go, sweat it out! i will be back, promise...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

just for fun

try these fun and interesting questions..thought might help you unwind especially this lent untimely, but at least you have something to do to keep you busy this week...i actually got this from a friend so want to share it with you. First, get a pen and paper and reflect upon your answer before writing them down...

Has anyone told you they would never leave and left?
* hmmm...yes.too bad...
Do you know anyone who would just drop everything to come see you?
* yes! as in but there's no more chance...
What is wrong with you right now?
* i have so many things in if i want to do everything all at a time...i am such in a hurry...
What was the first thing you thought when you woke up today?
* i am so blessed today that i don't have to wake up early and rush to's lent season, no office...yupeeeeeeeee!
Have you ever faked sick?
* honestly yes when i was young and i didn't want to go to school...
Who was the last person of the same sex you had a conversation with?
* bestfriends annie and pinky...we had a conference online...
Who is the longest crush you have had?
* orly.
What will you be doing tomorrow?
* Read. write. get online and blog with sisters and friends.sleep...
Bet you're missing someone now?
* yes...grabe...
Do you get along with girls?
* very much...

Where did you get the shirt you are wearing?
* from my closet.(lols)
Are your nails painted?
* exactly. it's a metallic purple paint.
Ever had someone you like tell you they never want to see or talk to you?
* not exactly someone i like, but it's more of someone i used to get along well then all of a sudden, broke off with our friendship just because the person doesn't like to talk to me anymore
Have you ever liked someone older than you?
* nope...most of them were younger than, if not just about my age
Do you think relationships are ever really worth it?
* yes. i always treasure them
Can you whistle?
* a big NO.
Do you have a best friend?
* Pinkoy. Nikoy. Tere. Apoy.
Who was the last person you took a picture with?
* myself (lols) and elkenth (my baby nephew)
Can you skateboard?
* gracious, no!
Remember the first time you kissed the last person you kissed?
* of course.
Does it take a lot to make you cry?
* just talk about motherhood...
Does it annoy you when someone says they’ll call/text, but never do?
* a depends also on the importance of the person telling that
Have you ever hated someone but then ended up liking them?
* yes. crazy no? pero most of the time, oo.

Do you miss your past?
* in some ways yes. the past has done so much for me...
Are you happy with the way things are going?
* very, very very!
In the past week have you cried?
* last week, my 89 year old granny was so sick...
Today, would you rather go back a week or go forward a week?
* none of the above. i just want to delay this week because moving on would mean start of the class which i haven't recovered much yet...and if i go back it would also mean experiencing the same hardship and difficulty with my final paper...static cguro..
Last December how was your heart?
* beating!
When was the last time you went camping?
* did i ever have one? hehhe i guess 1995 pa...youth camp...
What was the last thing you purchased?
* dvd tapes.battery for digicam. an outfit and pair of shoes for my speaking engagements.
What are you wearing on your feet?
* nothing. just the purple paint. how can i wear anything, i am on my bed...
Any fun plans for today?
* eat super choco strawberry cake baked and given by colleague and friend maam rizz; watch movies; stay on my bed all day...
Will this weekend be a good one?
* it should be.
Is anyone interested in you right now?
* yes oi.kuno.
Rent a movie or go to movies?
* none, buy tapes and watch it at home.
What's your hair look like today?
* very long. slash v shaped haircut, a little blond. chic. it's disheveled. didn't comb it the whole day. hahahha
Are you a jealous person?
* to the highest level.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Life is precarious

Life is precarious. It is indeed changing. Well, an old adage says, “change is the only constant thing in this world”, everything else is changing. From his perception down to his beliefs, outlooks and emotions, man is changing. Well they say that there is no other way but up and once you are up there, you go can’t go higher than up because it’s the ultimate destination. And while we are still battling with .life, with everyday challenges, and circumstances, we can’t do away with the fickleness of our hearts and mind. We can’t deny the issue on decision making, on weighing things out, on picking the right choices. Whatever. We tend to sway, and drift away from our stand because foremost the human heart is above all deceitful. We are supposed to guard our hearts in everything that we do.

I have a very relevant experience to life’s precariousness. I know there have been choices and decisions in my life which have total effects to the person that I am now today. And I am aware that there is SOMEONE greater than I am who is in control of all these happenings. But I wonder why, despite HIS being there with us all the time, man fails? Human err? People commit mistakes? Why can’t we just be perfect? No matter how hard we try, we can’t just be perfect!

I figure out there can be no other way to make things perfect for us but to LET GO and LET GOD. I could never forget how my life used to be. I was such a happy, carefree, laughing girl but inside I was grieving, searching and empty. When I started going with friends, I saw the difference in life. I saw how people should be treated. Fair enough if you got the money and the looks but sorry if you have nothing to show off for rejection would be your best friend. I felt that. I grew up trying to make myself loved and accepted but I always found myself sulking in my pillow, soaking it with tears, demanding for an answer to every question. Until I fell in love, got hurt and fell out of love. I trusted no one and not even myself. Then I got myself hooked into believing that there is really no hope for me. One day, I chose the road less travelled. I went to a Christian seminary, where I found myself. The many questions were answered and wrong beliefs were corrected. Yet somehow, I was still seeing some loopholes and I couldn’t seem to understand the purpose of my being. Life was so perfectly imperfect.

However, it was in that imperfection that I have learned to come and understand that God allowed these imperfections for me to need Him. He wanted to make me feel the emptiness so I would let HIM fill in the void inside; he let me see my weaknesses for me to need His strength.

I was lost. And He found me. I drifted but he kept holding me. I ran away like a prodigal daughter but he brought me home again. Again and again, I stumble and fall but he is always my Savior. So, no matter how precarious life could get with me, I know that God’s steadfast love is more than able to keep me holding still to His saving grace and love.