Saturday, November 15, 2008

on the wing on life's plight

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Every time I look at the tapestry of a butterfly, I look at it as a metaphor of myself, how I have been fighting and struggling in life and allowing myself to be blown away by the breeze of time. I flutter my wings wherever the wind ushers me to but I land on beautiful flowers in a garden called serenity where I get my nectar of strength so as when the next blow of the unpredictable winds of time come, I will be swaying beautifully and gracefully with it with neither fear nor angst.

Everyday, I see myself transforming into different colors and I have learned to love every bit of life there is in it. I add each hue to my existence to be able to create a perfect and amazing portrait of God’s masterpiece…

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

If given a chance to see in three days

Have you ever heard or come across the name Helen Keller, the woman who became blind at an early age but never lost hope of seeing the world?

She has often thought it would be a blessing if every human being were stricken blind and deaf for a few days at some time. According to her, darkness perhaps would make her more appreciative of sight and silence and would teach her the joys of sound.

If she got so much pleasure from mere touch, how much more beauty must be revealed by sight? If given three days to use her eyesight, she wished to divide the period in three days. On the first day she would want to see the people whose generosity and companionship had made her life worth living. She would like to see into their hearts true friendship. How many of those whose eyes are normal can see the inner nature of a friend? Isn’t it true that most of those seeing people grasp casually the outward features of a face and let it go at that?

Then she would feast her eyes on the face of a baby; so she could visualize the innocent beauty which presides the person’s consciousness of the conflicts which life develops. Then Helen should like to see the books which had been read to her and which had revealed to her the deepest mysteries of human life.

In the afternoon, she would like to take a long walk in the woods and see the beauties of the world of nature, and glorify the splendor of the colorful sunset.

On the second day, she wishes to arise with the dawn and see for herself the exciting miracle by which night is transformed into day. This day she would like to go to the museum to get a glimpse of the past of the past and present world, especially the art museum. The paintings of Michelangelo, Picasso, and other great world painters would surely amuse her. Artists used to tell her that for a deep and true appreciation of art one must educate the eyes.

In the evening of the second day, she would like to spend at a theatre or at the movies. How she should like to see Hamlet staged, Pavlova Pirovette in her light fantastic toes. How wonderful to see grace in motion.

On the third day, she would like to spend in a workaday world, a world where men do brisk business. The city becomes her destination. Helen would stand in a busy corner merely looking at people. When they smile, she is happy; when they are determined, she is proud; and when she sees sufferings, she is compassionate. At a later time, she would make a tour of the city – to the slums, to factories, to parks where children play. Always, her eyes will be opened wide to all sights of both happiness and misery; so that she may probe deep and add understanding of how people work and live.

On the night of the third day, Helen would like to engage in many serious pursuits. 0of course, in those three short days she could not have seen all she wanted to see. Only when darkness had again come should she realize how much she had left and seen.

She gives one piece of advice to those who see: “Use your eyes as if tomorrow you would be stricken blind”. But of all senses, to her, sight must be the most delightful. (taken from previous class readings/topics)

Questions: To my "Reading Students", have fun reading and exploring and most of all have fun answering the following questions too. Copy the questions please. See you around.

1. What is being talked about in this essay?
2. Who is being referred to in the title?
3. Accordingly, the sight is the most delighful of all senses. Why?
4. If you were depived of sight and given chance to see in 3 hours, what is the most
important thing would you like to see? Why?
5. How will you descibe the following things to somebody blind?
a. the color red, blue, yellow, green, white, black (choose only one color
to describe)
b. the environment
c. yourself

"Prof. D"

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Letting Go

Why it is always easy to get hold of something yet hard to let go of it? Why the hardest part of one’s life is letting go of something or somebody that is so special and treasured? Just imagine ourselves like a little child who holds his kite securely and tightly as it sways and flies in the wide blue skies when we tighten our grip on the things we don’t want to lose. We make sure it doesn’t slip off our hands. Then when it slips off and fly away, we cry so hard like a helpless child who doesn’t want a new kite but the one he just lost. Isn’t it funny? We want to run after it. Fly if we must just to catch up with the “lost kite” in us. It’s frustrating, isn’t it? With just one loss, we end up decimated and find it hard to get back and start all over again.

Why is that so? It is simply because we don’t want to let go of whatever we are holding and whatever we are comfortable with. We don’t want to start anew and find a fresh beginning. In short, we are scared of “change” hence, resistant to it.

Indeed, letting go is a hard-hitting decision to make. It requires much thinking and strong determination to do so. It is done for a very good reason and a very healthy motive. Not selfish motives. I have tried doing so.

I have experienced letting go of a crush, a dream, an ambition or a job I loved so much. I have let go of a very special person, a toy, a plan and even a relationship. I have experienced how it is to let go of a loved one (my mother), and yes, of a friend. But I have come to an epiphany that perhaps, I only let go of these because there seemed to be no other choice. Am I right? I let go, yes, but I lamented over it, I mourned. I grieved. And perhaps, we all have every good reason why we want to keep them and never let go of them because these are beautiful things and worthy to be kept and treasured. But still we let go.

But looking on the other side of the coin, how ironic it is for us to find it harder to let go of bitterness, of anger, of our pains, of unpleasant experiences. Why do we keep them and harbor them in our hearts? Why can’t we just let go of them and free ourselves from the tormenting pain and anguish they bring in us? Why can’t we just liberate ourselves from the torturing guilt and blames?

Letting go is a choice. It is a decision to make. It is just like avoiding sweets and chocolates and pasta because we are into “no-to-carbo” diet. It is the same with deciding what course to take in college or where to go for a vacation or which car to buy. They’re all the same. It is just similar to giving your best dress to a friend or a favorite toy to a needy or giving your last peso to a beggar. But why do we exert more time on thinking about the negatives rather than the beautiful things in life? Why is it easy to love than to forgive? why is t easy to give love than to do away with hatred and resentments?

Letting go is done with unfettered will. If we really intend to live life to its fullness then we have to choose to live a life that is free from guilt and torment, free from anger and bitterness, released from all ill-feelings against something, somebody and most importantly from one's own self.

According to a Latin phrase “carpe diem”, letting go is just like seizing the day. One can never seize the day unless he lets go of what is keeping him from doing so. Accordingly, we will never be able to receive new blessings if our hands are full. Unless we open our hands and release all that we are holding, all that keep blessings away, we will never be totally blessed in abundance.

Letting go is not freedom for what you are “letting go” but it is freedom for yourself. Letting go of something means “letting go of yourself” that is, freedom from self.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Panawagan - A Literary Folio

I would like to congratulate my best friend and colleague, Prof. Arnold Tinaco Dacuno for his newly published literary folio entitled “Panawagan” which will soon be available at your favorite bookstores. I give two thumbs up for his literary achievement. In fact, this is his second book. The first one is a Textbook now being used in classrooms. I will be writing more about this friend of mine whose dreams were like unreachable stars but now are within his reach. I would like to encourage everyone to grab a copy now. you will never regret reading this folio as it is like giving you a full glimpse of everything that is happening around us.

For now, I would like to give the same comment I have written for his literary folio (as one of his critics) and in this sense, will give you a bird’s eye view on what the book is all about.

“Raise your unruffled brow
on this day, Filipino youth!
Resplendent shines
Your courage rich,
Handsome hope of my motherland”

This literary folio, PANAWAGAN, is an ardent call for change addressed to the youth of today. This could remind you of Dr. Jose Rizal’s address to the Filipino youth more than a hundred years ago. Rizal’s and the author’s voice are calling out “to the youth of today” who is said to be the hope of our nation”. This axiom rings true to what Filipinos believe and hope to happen, to let the Filipino youth spark the fire of change and be aware of his responsibility in nation building.

“Panawagan” is basically a reflection of the author’s life, how he responds to the challenges in life, and how he sees himself as an active participant, and important entity in the attainment of progress in our society. It also mirrors various life experiences which depict an exciting, challenging but beautiful journey of a young mind exposed to the complexities and adversities in life and how these obstacles should be overcome through his aspirations, determination and strength in achieving his dreams. It is a creative and reflective metamorphosis among young individuals who have the potentials to make a difference in the society they are in touched with. Panawagan can do a lot to an individual. It can unleash the doubts working inside his heart, shade light to his unfaltering questions of uncertainty and inferiority and finally let go of the emotional seepage that keeps him less productive. It is a call to every individual to be consciously aware of the stark reality around him and make a difference in his thoughts, aspirations, courage, character and perspective as well as effect change first of all to his own self, to his family and friends and generally to his community.

The author, young as he is, has exuded most of these quality characteristics of a young person, worthy of emulation, whose dreams were unruffled amidst adversities in life. His greatest weapons to achieve his dreams and face the challenges and obstacles in life were his willingness to work even harder than hardest and the wisdom that God has given him.

We are human, with intellect and emotion that understand, feel, reason and hopefully, respond to this call for change…

Dorcas Menoc – Bandiala
Literature Professor
College of Arts and Sciences
Capitol University

Friday, November 7, 2008

Goodbye Blue

I don’t want to live in pain
Nor dwell in hatred and rage
I don’t want to be a slave again
Nor linger in an isolated cage

I screamed yet no one heard me pray
I wept bitterly inside
And chose to go back to my shell to stay
Where I shall forever reside

Time flies yet too slow for me to await
While uncertainty keeps knocking at my door
Doubt came in, I have lost my faith
I know things aren’t just meant to be, I’m sure

Chance is too dim and slim
It is as elusive as sometimes love does stifle
I reckoned my future with you is some kind of dim
But without you I will surely sniffle

Goodbye anyway, color of my life
Farewell to you shades of blue
I have prepared myself to stand the strife
Rail not for I am leaving you my favorite hue

Thursday, November 6, 2008

on dreamality

I have read Mr. Bob Coy's book entitled "Dreamality" just few days ago. I am so lucky to have bought one from a book sale (which is not necessarily cheap but at least cheaper than the original price). I had it reserved at the cash counter area and waited for almost a week to be able to purchase it finally as I could hardly wait to have my own copy of this book.

Dreamality is an inspiring book as it talks about understanding God’s own heart for us and the reliving of our dreams which have been extinguished by our frustrations, anger and bitterness. It awakens our spirits which have long been toppled down by our selfishness and conceits as well as egoistic principles.

Dream is God’s gift to mankind. It is a vision which God has endowed man with. It shows the other side of man’s spirituality and his connection to God. Dreaming is the totality of humanity’s hope to lead meaningful lives filled with purpose. This purpose is based on God’s. God’s purpose towards humanity transcends his (man’s) finite existence just like Joseph the dreamer. Limited as we are, God in His infinite wisdom has already crafted a wonderful and colorful life ahead of us.

According to him, no one doesn’t have a dream as every human heart beats to dream and to hope. It’s just that some of these are still in the horizon waiting to be realized, to be materialized. It’s just a question of waiting for the perfect time and faith in God. Why do some people seem to fail in their dreams? Is it the absence of God in their lives? Nope. It is the absence of faith in God. It is because of man’s faithlessness and impatience that they stop hoping and eventually give up dreaming. Dreams are not meant to be slept on…They are meant to be realized, to become a reality.

Somewhere along the way, while we are bombarded with unexplainable harsh conditions, we end up letting go of our dreams. We let them fly like birds freeing them from our cage of hopefulness and faith. Setting our dreams free is equivalent to replacing our optimism with pessimism. Instead of encouraging ourselves, we pamper the feeling of inferiority and cynicism.

I agree with the author in his belief that hope can actually be revived. We can still rekindle in our hearts the expectation of something more as God is our dream- deliverer as well as the fountain of our dreams.

There is nothing wrong with dreaming and dreams aren’t impossible. God even wants the best and grandest of everything our human mind could ever think of. It’s our petty faithlessness that makes our dreams fail. We should think big, hope big. Think grand, hope grand and dream grand. God can make that come to reality.

Basically our problem why most of us fail is that “we fail to dream because we dream to fail”. Should we only dream to succeed and reach them, we certainly reach and succeed…that is the essence of dreaming and achieving. But we must not forget that all dreams should be authored by God and in lined to his will.

Lest we forget, always be reminded that we dream not to satisfy and gratify ourselves but to glorify God and enjoy him forever. When we see our dreams at a distance and think that we can never attain these, we have one assurance that will never falter; God wants us to make heaven’s dream our reality so that we can serve the purpose of glorifying HIM and enjoying His presence forever.

Lastly, the author leaves us a picture of which we are to choose from. Will we let go of our own dream and allow heaven’s dream to become our reality? Accordingly, the ball is in our court. All we have to do is to complete the journey in life by connecting to the DREAM GIVER then we can hold in full grasp the abundant provision, supernatural power and shining excellence of a God-given dream. Then live a dreamality.

Let me quote the authors’ final statement in his book “It is my prayer that you will be encouraged to seek the same heavenly Father I have. He’s the only One powerful enough, wise enough and good enough to restore and fulfill heaven’s dream in your life.”

Monday, November 3, 2008

There is something in the air

It is Christmas Time again...

photo journal

words to live by

Develop a positive attitude...
Waking up every morning thinking,
Who can I be blessing to today?
Who can I encourage?
Where is there a need that I can meet?
When you show love to the world, you show GOD
When I meet other people's need,
God will meet mine...
If you do good things that are unseen
and do not even ask something in return,
You find favor on GOD
in ways you have never seen before...

-Joel Osteen
A Better You

The value of friendship

It is such an excruciating experience to be rejected by somebody whom you consider a real friend. In a flick of a finger, what you most treasure in the present may vanish like haze in the future. It is so frustrating to think that no matter how genuine you are to a friend, you can never expect for a hundred percent ROA (return of affection, not return of investment). You try to be good, to be calm, to be understanding, to be cautious, to be who you really are…and sometimes, you suppress your own wants, your own needs, your own desires just for the sake of friendship and yet, you end up frustrated. Alone. deserted. It happened to me. Don’t ask me who. It just happened. Or maybe there wasn’t really friendship between us. But I was true and so sincere. But I just can’t understand why. I am not any mind reader to be able to decipher what’s going on inside the person’s hypothalamus (lol)…whatever. I am just an ordinary person. I am not Nostradamus. How will I know what’s this creepy-crawly thing inside the other person’s mind? At first, I had difficulty in dealing with it, but experience itself taught me how to handle this. I am not a passive person but I am trying to become one. It helps to be one actually.

Moral lesson? You can not just please everybody.
Another moral lesson? No good things last forever.
Best lesson? Nothing endures forever…
Lesson learned.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Flying Saucer

‘twas one blistering summer time
When the skies were blue and beach so cool
Old peers came to huddle with new ones
Amused with the playoffs and laughter
In a beach called Badiangon

Tossing soft, round, light and twirling thing
We shared the fun under the sweltering sun
Splattered cold spring water on faces
Pooled with the warm salty one
As laughter echoed like ricocheting waves

Like the merging of two strange waters
Streams of internal scarlet tears
Welled up and mingled with the fount of pain
Surging through one’s wounded heart
Bleeding, upon an unpleasant sight

A secret love and a friend alone together
Nattered what seemed like eternity
Under the shades of the water-growing trees
Unmindful of their audience. They were lost and so am I.
I wanted to blow up but found no reason to do so

What was that feeling that bloated my heart?
While I engaged myself in deep thinking
My head spun twice the twining object which came rushing forth
A flying saucer suddenly twirled down straight to my right leg
It gave me the reason to let go of my mounting emotions

I sobbed. I cried. I wailed like was wounded real badly
Sweat and tears flowed like mixed spring and the seawater
“Did it hurt so much?” inquired the player
My tears answered the questions
I wanted to tell them the truth behind my tears

If it wasn’t for the flying saucer
I would never have let go of the inner tempest
Crying did me good. It saved me from breaking
Honestly, the pain wasn’t really in my right leg
It was right here. Right here in my heart.

My family

my inspiration.

my light.

my love.

my hope.

my life.

my joy!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Divine visit

It’s not the kind of visit that you think it is. The whole family went to “Divine Shepherd” yesterday, October 31, 2008 to visit mama’s graveyard. Today is supposedly the day for visits but we decided to go there yesterday to avoid the heavy traffic and the congestion at the park. The place was still quiet, peaceful and clean, which I am sure today is in total havoc with too many people, the scorching heat of the sun, the inconvenience at the comfort room (which actually does not give comfort), and the rain that poured earlier (just like last year). The long walk to the highway (vehicles will not be allowed to get in) is tolerable but not the congested area. There were only few people at the park yesterday, too few compare to the crowd there is today I am pretty sure.

One thing I was so amazed about was the grand preparation of families who were there to prepare for today’s gathering. The memorial park had lost its morose spirit, its serenity, its solemnity…Yesterday, it was so lively. It was exaggeratedly jazzed up! Dressed up with lots of balloons, flowers, food stalls, toys, and even a wide screen for film showing and music! Rock music, as if there was some kind of a concert or a disco party…it has become more of a carnival or a picnic area than a funeral park. The glittering lights were so lively and too paradoxical of the lifeless lights buried six feet below the ground.

My crazy thoughts spun like whirlwind…couldn’t help but smirk at the sight. What’s this? I am glad people change…and i do too...I used to hate these dates. In fact, aside from Good Fridays, November 1 and 2 are my most dreaded dates of the year ever. I hated these days because it gave me an unexplainable loneliness and grief. I used to think that these days are meant for grieving and lamenting. My idea of these dates was entirely different from what I have seen on American movies, and read from novels and magazines. Those media actually talked about party and celebration but from my own experience, way back my ILAYA life, it was a moment of remembering our loved ones' death and grieve over it, over and over again. Although we didn't practice that in the family, but that was the belief i grew up with. Such a misconception!

Now, I have realized, it is a moment of celebration and more appropriately a commemoration of, not the death but the life, our loved ones had once beautifully spent with us. It’s always good to remember having them in our lives. Just like mama. We know she’s not there anymore. Her flesh, just like ours, is but temporal. What’s lasting and eternal is our spirit and I am very happy for her. All her earthly cares and worries are over. No more tears, no more pains. She’s now in heaven and will be there for eternity.