Thursday, August 15, 2013

glad to be back

life is beautiful. This may sound like a cliche to others but for me this rings really true. However, there are times that I feel the ugliness of life. In fact, I see its ugliness and I can't do anything about it but just to beautify things that seem to look unpleasant to my eyes.

i have missed writing my story for more than a year and this made my life more miserable because I know that writing does really make me feel better. You see, so many things have happened in my life, pleasant and unpleasant, beautiful and ugly, painful and fun, mundane and challenging but I failed to write them down here. for one good reason, something, someone kept me from doing so.

i have finally finished my Masters Degree at MSU-IIT last summer. I said finally" because I never thought I would still be able to finish it. I have gone through the needle's eye and it was really sweat and blood! a real "Whew!" in fact!

Thanks God for people. He sent people to help me out from this dungeon of financial helplessness and brought me out to the light. I was really filled with hopelessness. Got so stressed out and sickly during that time. Summer 2013 wasn't fun for me. It was like literally being seated on a hot seat.

the bottom line though is that I have finished my second masters degree and I am now waiting for my graduation come November 2013. Exciting! (But tiring too!)

now, I am enrolled in my PhD Program. So, this is serious. Yes, I am going to be a doctor of Philosophy in Educational Management in 3 years time that if I will be able to keep the fire burning in my heart. Honestly, this is very exciting and challenging because I enrolled without assurance. I just enrolled because I have a dream and I wanted to finish this doctorate degree. but God, even before we utter our heart's desires in prayers, He sees what we desire and when He thinks that it is good for us, He will always give it.

Yes, God used a friend, a very close friend way back 13 years ago, to sponsor my studies in this doctorate program. Her name is Fiona Daniel. She was a friend way back when I was still an ordinary employee at a Mall where we used to go together. I was handling a cosmetic product and she was handling a beverage product. We got along well and became close  friends even after we chose different paths.

i pursued my secular studies and eventually became a college instructor and she became a singer. a celebrity. We haven't communicated for years until the social network brought us back together and the story of our friendship began to flourish again.

so this is it, we different kinds of life, we have different nature of work but we share a very beautiful friendship and that's the most important thing between us...

i am happy for her and for the love that she has and hope that things with her and between her and her boyfriend will just grow stronger each day. I wish nothing more but happiness for her. Now that she is helping me with her studies, I couldn't help but appreciate how beautiful God is for sending someone to my life, and for using her when i least expected it.

God is so good.

I still have so many stories to tell like: broke I am broken heart at work kids dream studies struggles
...and so much more!

just love being back here!