Sunday, January 8, 2012

welcome 2012

i admit there were really moments when i was so silent. there were times i opted not to write anything or shared whatever "bits and bobs" that were going on in my life. when those times come, it doesn't mean i am bidding goodbye to my passion to write. nope! it only means, i am only giving myself a chance to be quiet and lighten up. whether i am happy or otherwise, i just sometimes feel the need to give in to silence and solitude.

well, for those who know me well, i know this is not surprising to you. you know my mood swings. and you know exactly what propels me to write. when you don't see me posting anything on my blogs, it never does signify i have forgotten my inclination to writing. i still write though but in my journal, log or planner. So, for those who do not really know me, better be quiet if you have nothing good to say!

honestly, the year 2011 was really hard. it was in fact the hardest year i have ever experienced in my entire life. it seems that all things in life were mixed up together and have caused so much confusion in my head. i have reached the point of really wanting to say "ENOUGH!" and then lose my sanity. i know this is rude but you see, life was just so unfair. i may not be able to put everything here in detail but really i find my life so unfair. i hope one day, i have all the answers to these questions. i hope in due time, i will have the peace of mind that my heart so desires.

God, i don't ask for anything beyond what i need but even meeting my needs have strained my faith a lot. i have let go and i said i LET GOD but still i saw something was wrong which i just couldn't define. my kids are growing up. they are trying to understand what we are going through but for so many times, it was I, who mostly had a hard time understanding life.

i don't expect for anything. i just want peace and at least make my heart have its share of joy and peace. things had really been strenuous with me and i hope and pray that by 2012, life would be very different and a victorious one!

i choose to fight. i choose to survive. I choose to move on! This is my life and no matter how annoying some people are sometimes, i have no choice but to accept them as they are and choose to change myself for the better.

i am looking forward to a better year in 2012 - at work, family, friends, studies, other things and most especially in spiritual aspect.

I am giving God full control this year and ahead!

happy 2012!

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