Thursday, August 11, 2011


Literary Criticism (English 29)

Try to look into this situation and analyze it yourself..then speak up for someone in this situation...

At 18,Nicole was madly and deeply in loved with Chad, who was a year older than her, and Chad said he was too, with Nicole. Nicole was expressive and outspoken of her emotions for Chad unfortunately, Chad was sort of reserved and was showing disinterest in the relationship but he assured Nicole that he does love her.

He gives extra reasons for spending less time with her. Work is involved, family, studies and all the reasons in the world that every sane and sensible man could ever fabricate. No matter how much Nicole tried to absorb in her mind and heart that her man does really love her, she could not feel it inside.

This went on for 3 years. Nicole kept trying to preserve and hold on to the relationship because she values the time with him, the feelings for him and the relationship with him, considering that they have been together for 4 years before tying the knot.

They were engaged, yes. They have been engaged on their first year anniversary. Such a grand celebration and a romantic event for both of them. But the following years, the engagement seemed to disappear in thin air. Still, Nicole loved Chad as always however, whatever she was feeling inside was not compensated. Nicole was born to be a fighter. She told herself that she's going to hold on no matter what happens. Then wedding came. They were wedded on their 4th year anniversary.

On their 5th year in the realtionship and 1st year in marriage, she bore him a son before Chad decided to work abroad. Nicole saw the same passivity in him. But monetary wise, she was well-provided and the boy. But for Nicole, Chad's love was more important to her than any material thing. He lavished him with gifts and presents everytime he comes home but he could not feel Chad's presence even when she's holding his hands.

One day, out of the blue, she realized that the relationship was already dying and she feared that it will die a natural death. The gap between them has grown wider and deeper and Nicole couldn't help but break down. Nicole really loves him and she knew she would still fight for him but she felt that there was no point of battling for him. She felt all alone and no assurance was ever laid for her.

If you were Nicole, what will you do? if you were Chad, will you remain passive and unmindful of Nicole's dilemma? If you were Nicole or Chad, will you keep the relationship? Will you hold on to your marriage? Will you hold on for each other?


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